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  1. Music Evangelism
    Music Evangelism
    Served in music evangelism for 12 years.
  2. In the Parks
    In the Parks
    For many years I was blessed to preach to the people of Central America as part of a ministry establishing churches all over Central and South America since 1978.
  3. Illusions
    Illusions are used to gather a crowd to share the gospel.
  4. Sharing the Good News
    Sharing the Good News
    God's Holy Spirit sends us to places where there is the greatest need and hunger for the gospel.
  5. During the War
    During the War
    Preaching to those without work and have fled to the cities for refuge during the war in El Salvador.
  6. Singing in the Markets
    Singing in the Markets
    The ministry began in the markets of Central America working with Leo Humphrey of Good News in Action.
  7. Bourbon Street
    Bourbon Street
    While working with Leo I also worked on Bourbon Street and at Mardi Gras.
  8. Marine Corp
    Marine Corp
    Served in United States Marine Corps from 1962-1966
  9. Evangelistic Team
    Evangelistic Team
    Leo Humphrey and I became a team doing revivals for 12 years and continued in Central America until he went to heaven.
  10. Wildlife Photography
    Wildlife Photography
    In 2004 I began photographing wildlife as a hobby but God had a greater purpose. I now travel sharing the gospel and do wildlife presentations over much of the United States. God has blessed this ministry greatly.
  11. The Monroe Seven
( plus one)
    The Monroe Seven ( plus one)
    Revival changed lives in Monroe, Louisiana in 1970. Seven of us including my wife Charlotte and I walked 1,400 miles from Monroe to Washington D.C. calling our nation to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Led by Evangelist Sammy Tippit we witnessed, preached crusades and spoke on college campuses for four months.
  12. Serving Churches
    Serving Churches
    My wife Charlotte and I have served on staff of churches both part and full time at various times during our 55 years together.
  13. Overseas Missions
    Overseas Missions
    Though most of my time has been spent overseas in Central America, I have had the opportunity to travel to Africa, Romania, Ukraine and India.
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